2013: We heard the Call Vol.2


A 3-CD-Box stuffed with Alphaville covers. Including our interpretation of "Next Generation" (flipside of Universal Daddy) and our cooperation with norwegian musician Avalon. His interpretation of "Forever Young" is complemented by Markus' vocals: Avalon feat. Slender Flame!


2004: Refraktor #32


The Refraktor print magazin features an accompanying CD sampler. This includes HERE IS MY LIFE, the opener of our album FINALLY.



2000: Datastructure


From american magazine "Emptiness": The sampler "Data structure" features the slender flame song IN A WAY. The sampler is not available any more... 


2000: We heard the call...


A 2-CD sampler as a tribute to Alphaville. Fans from all over the world have produced cover versions of their favourite Alphaville songs. We have recorded SEEDS, flipside of the BIG IN JAPAN hitsingle. The CD is available from the german Alphaville fanclub "Golden feeling".


1999: Musik aus Strom


German printmagazin has enriched their issue #13 with a CD. Our contribution is TANZEN. 


1999: The Blisz Compilation


This record was released by Blisz-Production. We have no idea how they stumbled across COME TO THE MOON... that song was already years old and we didn't consider it our current style anymore. Anyway, we agreed to them adding it to their collection. 


1999: Amateur hour


Our first public release! IN A WAY is part of the first e-lectric compilation. Unfortunately, this fine magazine is not active any more.