2022/12/18 LinksRechts (EP)


We have released five brand-new songs on EP "LinksRechts". It is available on the usual Streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Click here to choose your favorite platform. 

The title "LeftRight" with its implied clear polarity is a small provocation. The lyrics challenge that black-and-white view in favour of a more nuanced approach and play with gothic-like romantisicm. 

2020/07/14 Licht (EP)


We have used those awkward last months to arrange and record some four songs. Two of them originate from the sessions in France, the other two are more recent. Enjoy listening to them on your favourite Streaming service. "Licht" is german like all our lyrics and translates into "Light"   

2018/08/03 New Songs


In May/June we spent 3 weeks in the south of France to write new songs. Inspired by the Mediterranean we came up with 10 brandnew tunes!  

2018/05/18 Demo Recording "Lost Voices Calling"


Our good friend Frauke Bielefeldt has written a song that she has dedicated to "Lost Voices Stiftung". We have helped her recording this demo version. Take a listen and learn more about the illness ME (formerly known as chronic fatigue syndrome). 

2016/08/13 And now... for something completely different


Just finished recording and mixing our song "Die Nacht" as a piano-ballad with Frauke Bielefeldt on keys. Listen to it at MEDIA.

2016/02/02 Interview Radio Sina 

Turn your radio on! radio106.5 leinehertz will air an interview with us as part of the "Radio Sina" show. Be assured that they will also play some of our latest songs. Don't miss it!

2014/09/04 Ninety Minutes


The energy is still there but ... Below mentioned project has been postponed and we re-focused our energy. Listen to what this energetic football summer did with us on our Facebook-page (beware, it's german, and it's a rough demo draft).

2014/03/28 Plans for a new video


The idea for a short movie lives on. Just recently we discussed it again with Gerrit from Filmproduktion-Nord and listened to the songs we had once written for that purpose. And we decided to take action, to re-record ENERGIE and start working on the video. 


ENERGY - never fades away ....

2013/11/07: Königin



The new single (translated: "Queen") is available for download at iTunes and Amazon Stores. Produced at Sonic Circuit Studio and mixed by Micha Pfirrmann at the terrific Klangkomplex.

We are looking forward to your feedback! 


2013/10/17: Mix-Session @ Klangkomplex

We spent the summer on the preproduction of our new songs which have now been mixed by Micha Pfirrmann at the Klangkomplex in Luebeck (Germany). We are more than happy with the results and eagerly looking forward to the release in the near future.

2013/07/06: Release "We Heard The Call Vol 2" scheduled

The Alphaville Fan Tribute Sampler "We Heard The Call Vol 2" is scheduled to be released August 16th. The release has been postponed by almost one year due to the high number of participants... the result is a phenomenal 3-CD-Box that you can order HERE for just €17. 

2013/05/08: Get the tools ready


We have chosen "Soundtrack des Lebens" and "Königin der Nacht" as the songs that we will produce next. As such we will get our tools out to work on the sounds and the arrangement, in order to get them prepared for mixing. Release is scheduled for autumn 2013.  


2013/02/11: Three new songs!


We have had amazingly intense sessions, working round the clock on new songs, and we came up with three new tunes. Go check the MEDIA section and Facebook for some audio examples.

2013/02/06: Brainstorming, creative break


And here we are again, spending a few days in the small village of Mardorf where we have rented a house with the sole purpose of making music without any distraction. Watch out for news updates on Facebook


2013/01/03: Happy new year!


What will happen this upcoming year? Enjoy the impressions from a studio session on our facebook page.

2012/09/01: We heard the call Vol. II


After one decade it is time for "We heard the call Vol. II" where Alphaville fans cover their favourite AV songs. We contributed a version of "Seeds" to Vol. I. Again we have chosen a flipside, "Next Generation" from 1986's "Universal Daddy"-single. We have finished the song some weeks ago and currently we are waiting for the release date of the record. More information is available on

2012/05/14: slender flame on Yello Kitty (ByteFM)

Yello Kitty has presented a colourful program in between Indietronic and Electroclash. And we were right in the middle of it! Watch the Videotrailer for yourself!

2012/04/29: Colours


This one is a tribute to our friends ouside germany. Check the MEDIA Section.

Available in the iTunes and Amazon Stores!

2012/03/12: Vorbei - The soundtrack to complement the crisis

Conceived in 2009 when many of today's headlines could be already anticipated. This song had already slipped our minds when our friends from Elchlos Film rediscovered it and went to work. We haven't contributed to the video but the music and were astonished how well the menacing mood we experienced when writing the song is reflected in the visualization.  Experience for yourself in the MEDIA section. 

2012/02/05: Three new songideas! 


Our session was quite successful, we have come up with three new songs (or at current stage: drafts for songs) which we will elaborate in the near future. Get an idea of what we have done and click MEDIA.

2012/01/19: Songwriting for a short movie


Back in 1995 we started a tradition to once a year spend a few days at the sea, just us and our instruments. This year we'll be challenging ourselves by trying to compose songs for a music based short movie which will be realized by our friends from Elchlos Film. The idea for the storyboard dates back to 2004... more news soon on Facebook

2012/01/05: Review of FARBEN at Medienkonverter

We are pleased to announce the review of FARBEN in the german online magazine Medienkonverter. They have already reviewed our earlier releases and we are happy they like our new song and video very much! (Unfortunately, the review is only available in german)

2011/12/28: Single WIR


The new track WIR (MP3-Single) now is online and can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon (click link in the left column).

2011/11/06: FARBEN-Video online

 The videoclip for FARBEN is online! Visit Youtube or our MEDIA section to view it. The video has been produced by Elchlos Film. Actor Patrick Broecker, who took over two main characters in the clip, recently also appeared in the german TV-Show "Abenteuer Diagnose" on N3. 

2011/10/28: Switch to Mac


Just a small step? This weekend our Windows-PC was deprived of its duties. As of now an Apple Mac Pro is in charge.

2011/10/13: WIR Live-Video online


In the MEDIA section a video from last week's performance is available for you to enjoy. Again, many thanks to Micha Pfirrmann of Klangkomplex who stepped in on short notice to take care of the live mixing.

2011/10/08: "Comeback" to the live show


After ten years is was just about time: We performed five songs in Hannover's Kulturpalast to celebrate our twentieth band birthday. Magnificiently supported by Stefan (guitar) and Oli (drums) from Pick of the Bunch

2011/07/17: Video shot finished


This weekend the takes for the FARBEN-video have been shot in the lovely city of Eckernfoerde. Elchlos FILM is in charge of the production.

2011/06/13: Mixing session


We spent this weekend in Luebeck's Klangkomplex. Mix specialist Micha Pfirrmann laid hands on the preproduced tracks to give them their final shape. Watch this space for announcements on the release date.

2011/05/22: Recordings!


Yesterday the vocals for our new songs FARBEN and WIR were recorded at the Big House Studio in Hannover. The session was supervised by Carl Keaton jr. It was both exciting as well as exhausting to spend five hours
                                               in a row recording. Thanks to Carl for his support and his patience.